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Model Mexico

Award-winning feature car by Colin B

From the moment I left College I fell into the motor trade, and despite being surrounded by brand new cars, I still loved the classics, so when my friends were hankering after the newest BMWs and Audis. I fancied a 308GTB or 1970’s 911 Carrera RS, but obviously, at that age both were way out of reach financially.


I’ve pretty much always had a classic car in some shape or form, from a host of early Classic Fords when they were not really classed as ‘Classic’ just Fords! To dabble in owning a selection of cars later in life trying to re-kindle my youth such as a Triumph Spitfire (very briefly, it was rotten), Ford Anglia 105E Estate, Porsche 928S2, MK4 Cortina, 6 or 7 Various MK1 & MK2 Escorts amongst others.


My current classic car is an original and early 1972 Ford Escort MK1 Mexico, a genuine AVO car with period modifications, having owned the car for around 18 years it has become part of the family, it was even part of our Wedding car parade, the wife loved the smell of petrol on my wedding suit all night!


The car is also quite a famous car in the Classic Ford scene, having been featured in Classic Ford Magazine, Retro Ford Magazine, and Performance Ford. Even the well-known miniature car company Corgi has made a replica of the car, right down to the number plate, wheels, seats, etc.

And in October 2021 Westerham Brewer Staff nominated the Mexico as the best car of the night (there were many more cars in attendance other than my friend's VW Beetle)!

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