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May 2019 Classic Car and Curry Night at Westerham Brewery

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

With the weather being bright and blue during the day we expected this event to be a busy one. Thankfully most people pre-booked, but with restricted parking due to Squerryes Winery upgrades it was rather 'tight' on space. We were very grateful for help from fellow Mini owner Martin and Ian's cousin Damon, a now well practiced 'Classic Car Director'

As the sunset it turned into a chilly evening with curry and hot coffee the only thing to warm us up. Some attendees even took refuge in their camper van (see the lovely family photo below) and the best place turned out to be the warm bar - how not to resist!

Once again the mix of cars was amazing, the diversity always make for an interesting sight. To me cars aren't just vehicles to get us from A to B, they are works of art on wheels. Very few modern day 'box' cars can compare to a any classic car.

As our the membership of Classic Car Connections Club expands we are also getting a good range of cars, all who have the privilege of parking directly outside Westerham Brewery.

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Photos by Lee Pegrum

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