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FULLY RESTORED - 1978 series lll Lightweight Land Rover

A three and a half years restoration programme completed in 2018 by In Autos who specialise in restoring classic vehicles.

This lightweight has been rebuilt on a brand new galvanised chassis sprayed black - a theme continued throughout, with all the cappings painted to match. Every single panel has seen attention, including rebuilding the doors, tailgate, and installing 2 new fuel tanks. The stunning exterior finish is the same as the original Deep Bronze Green.

The immaculately restored dash displays and only 2,800 miles since a complete engine rebuild by Modus Engineering in Tunbridge Wells.

A Custom made windproof and rainproof hood fits perfectly and barely flaps at road speed.

Regularly driven with a service history.

Land Rover International have done a 5-page feature on this Lightweight and describes it as ''on a par with some of the best Series l restorations and shows the rising status of the Lightweight as a true classic". The article available on request.

Independent insurance reinstatement valuation £55,000

Independent insurance commercial value £39,000


Please call Mark Wren on 07958 587971

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