Freebie community magazines, are they worth a read?

Most of us hate junk mail, I usually have the junk mail sorted from the proper post in the short distance between the front door and the recycle bin.

As much as we all complain about junk mail if you think about it if it did not exist there would be lots of people out of work. Think of all the processes involved in producing adverts and other irrelevant pieces of information put together, then printing and distribution. So much time, effort and cost, and all we usually do is throw it straight in the recycle bin.

And what about the poor old Postie, what would they do after Christmas with nothing else to deliver. Walking around on a Winters day on the snow and ice covered streets in the early morning, dressed in their shorts just to deliver to us personally details about stunning deals on “Mega” Pizzas, discounts on Slimming World subscriptions, furniture and carpet sales and once in a lifetime opportunity on Funeral Plan deals. Ungrateful are we or what!

However, sometimes what is other peoples “junk” can be quite useful to others. I find that sometimes it pays just to spend a little time sifting through the junk mail pushed through the letterbox before it is thrown in the recycle bin.

Occasionally I receive a local community based magazine which, being a community loving kind of guy, I thumb through just in case there is something in it worth reading. Recently the “RH8 Magazine” has been landing on our doormat. Along with local traders and suppliers adverts the RH8 Magazine has a “Motoring” page which is of particular interest to me as a car lover, well some cars that is.