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Drive it Day Classic Car Tour 2019

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Drive it Day Classic Car Tour 2019

Our magnificent 50 mile tour started at Penshurst Place at the very respectable hour of 10am. Keen drivers met in the Porcupine Pantry and enjoyed a tasty cooked breakfast to fuel them up for the day. We had a good selection of cars divided into groups, with the Southern Minis first, other classics and then faster Caterham's from Kent 7's last.

Thankfully Steve Geer was able to step in at the last moment to be our photographer for the day. It was Steve's first photography job and a great opportunity to start his portfolio. Photos can be found here. Please support him in his new venture and purchase a snap or two.

Timing was perfect as we arrived at our first stop, the Ashdown Forest car park, just as a group of Austin's departed. Everyone was present and correct, although the Mercedes brakes were getting rather hot.

After a short 'A' road interlude we were back on country roads heading for Glyndebourne Opera House, howling a good tune. Weaving our way along the Cuckmere estuary passing through the small villages of Lullington and Littlington on to our next stop at the Friston Forest car park. Most of the cars made it to this stop off for a well-earned cup of tea.

The final stretch towards Birling Gap and along the South Downs heading for Beachy Head was the best part of the drive. For a few people it was their first experience of the rolling hills of the South Downs, perfect for classic cars. Photographer Steve captured some stunning action photos. My attempts of taking photos by putting my phone in selfie mode above my head to take shots of the cars behind actually captured several reasonable images, that I've slightly filtered for added effect.

Finally arriving at our exclusive parking spot at The Boathouse in Princes Park Eastbourne, everyone lined up nicely for a photoshoot. Afternoon tea at The Boathouse cafe, with nice selection of crust-off sandwiches, scones, clotted cream and jam went down really well.

We always meet so many interesting people, all petrol heads of course, with stories to share about life and lots of coincidences - its a small motoring world!

Thank you for taking part and getting to the end of a long day.

And the winner of the best photo competition was Peter Bishop who snapped this photo below of Steven taking a photo. It just made me laugh and reminded me of David Bellamy "wummaging awound in the undergwoff"

Photos below from Lee.

Ian's photos taken at The Boathouse.

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