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Cars that make you smile!

1999 Morgan 4/4

We bought our Connaught Green Morgan 4/4 in November 2004 from Brands Hatch Morgans. It had only been driven 3500 miles and the first owner couldn’t justify keeping it, having bought it as a retirement present for himself.

We wanted a car which would give us the “vintage” feel without the frequent maintenance and one we could happily tour in. We talked to Sarah at BHM about what we wanted and a few weeks later she told us she had just the car for us, and she was absolutely right!

In the 17 years we have owned it, it has covered another 48,000 miles, from Edinburgh to Angoulême in Western France and has enabled us to meet lovely people we would otherwise never have met.

The Scottish tour was to take part in the Bo’Ness Revival Classic Rally in 2019 and we were awarded a very fine trophy for the furthest travelled entrant. Our Morgan was chosen for display on the Morgan owners’ club stand at the NEC in 2016 and at the reintroduced Goodwood Members’ Meeting in 2014. The theme in the Chicane car park was “Cars that make you smile”, how very appropriate, it certainly works for us!

Technical details:


  • 1798cc Ford Silvertop Zetec


  • Librands exhaust system

  • Panhard Rod

  • Cross head steady bars

  • Aluminium radiator

  • Motolita woodrim steering wheel

  • Cibié headlamps and auxiliary lamps

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