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2019 to 2020 Events

We did have planned a full season of events for our members and supporters for 2020 and 2021 but sadly Covid-19 put paid to our plans.

You can still take part in our virtual treasure hunt below.  Feel free to make a donation to Kent, Surrey, and Sussex Air Ambulance, whom we supported as part of the event.

2020 saw us take part in the first British Motor Show at Farnborough International with a special display to celebrate 60 years of the Mini Cooper.

At Carfest South we put on a special display of our member's retro cars, including Jim's 007 Citreon, Russell's E-type Jag, Jake's VW Scirocco, and a fine selection of Classic Minis.

Virtual Treasure Hunt 2nd May 2020
raising funds for Air Ambulance Kent, Surrey & Sussex

This fun treasure hunt is open to all ages and has a car theme.

Starting on Saturday 2nd May, participants have a week to complete the task and the winners will be announced on 10th May. 

It raises funds for Kent, Surrey, and Sussex (KSS) Helicopter Rescue Emergency Campaign for Covid-19.

KSS is appealing for your help to ensure they can continue providing life-saving care to those in urgent need.

At Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS), like everyone, is facing unprecedented challenges. Never before have they had to call on your support with this urgency as they launch our Coronavirus Emergency Appeal.

Their priority remains responding to the sickest or critically injured across our regions in their hour of need. In addition to continuing their life saving, specialist emergency service, they have now been called to action to support the NHS in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Working alongside the South East Coast Ambulance Service and the wider NHS, KSS will make the best use of existing resources – their state of the art helicopters, response vehicles and equipment – and the outstanding expertise of medics and crew to contribute to this national effort by supporting the transfer of critically ill Coronavirus patients across our regions, as and when required.

They are investing in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), infection protection controls, and specialist medical equipment to support our service delivery. It is their utmost priority to protect the team, ensuring they have the necessary resources and equipment to stay safe and save as many lives as possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • £15 could buy 7 bottles of alcohol hand gel offering protection from the virus.

  • £35 could pay for 200 surgical masks that protect the crew.

  • £75 could buy 50 ventilator filters that protect the ventilator.

To donate visit Air Ambulance Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

General Winner ---

The winner will receive a £50 curry voucher kindly supplied by Shampan Bromley for a 'book and collect' curry at Bromley only (Westerham is closed).  The winning prize is available to both non-members and members of Classic Car Connections.

Classic Car Connections Winner ---

The Classic Car Connections member prize will be a £30 voucher from Westerham Brewery, supplied by Classic Car Connections.  Your membership fee must be fully paid by 3rd May to join in.

To join Classic Car Connects click on the 'Join our club' button below.

Family Winner ---

Family day ticket to The British Motor Show next April for 2 adults and 2 children worth £37

***** A tie-breaker question will be used if necessary.  This will be sent by email for you to answer *****

Hunt plan.png

How to take part

The answers can be found on google maps by following the link below and keeping to the blue map route (shown above).

Please zoom out of the map find the start at Westerham Brewery.

To find the clues you will need to use:

a. Road view - the aerial view of the roads.

b. Street view (SV) - Using the little street view yellow man (bottom right) and dragging him onto the road to get a street view.  If you can’t get the man to rest on the road it means that road hasn’t been photographed by the Google camera or you may need to revert to the map view or move further down the road to get him to latch on.

Where questions use Street view (yellow man) it will be indicated by (SV)

To input, your answers just follow this link to google sheets.


Oh and don't forget to let us know what car you would have driven in and your dream drive by placing a photo on our Facebook page.

Thank you to our hunt test drivers:

Peter Gatward from Past drives

Jason Dilling from Image of You Photography


The street view man can picked up and dragged to your road giving you a view similar to that below.  You can split the view to see the aerial and street view.

Start example.png
Street view example.png

Events 2020 now planned for 2021

We had a great line up of events for 2020 including our regular Classic Car & Curry Nights, Road Trips and Car Shows


How it works when life is normal...


Members of Classic Car Connections Club have first dibs at booking our events at the beginning of each month and a week later the remaining tickets are allocated for general sale.

See us at The British Motor Show 2021 where we celebrate 60 years of the Mini Cooper with a mix of Minis from the 60’s to present day. 
Joining in with our Mini party is an eclectic mix of classics including an immaculate V8 powered MGR, a Moto Guzzi Motorbike and Volvo 960! 

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